CIYT Teamtournament

Best coaches and managers of the different
badminton organisations, selections and clubs,
dear players and sports friends,

With various e-mails and publications have
wij u at our sporting event in the days
made attentive after Christmas.
For the individual matches on tournament day 1 and 2
we have already received numerous registrations.

With this e-mail we want to once again on the well-known and
beloved team tournament on the 3. tournament day – 30.12.2021
The concept and set-up of the tournament can be checked
read in part D: Specific Regulations Team Tournament
of the adjacent tournament form.
The team tournament is played in all age categories
of the boarding school. Carlton youth tournament 11. U 13, U 15
and U 17.
Registrations and registrations are until 1.12.2021 with the
separate registration form (see annex) possible.

We hope that again this year numerous teams will report
for participation in the team competitions on the

  1. and final tournament day.

Jeroen Stalman / Franz-Josef Breuer
Tournament Managers