invitation CIYT 2020

Dear Sport-friends,
Dear Players,
Dear Coaches and managers of badminton organization, selections and clubs.
In our previous mail of 15.09.2020 we sent you a reminder regarding the Carlton international youth tournament 2020, to be held 28-30 December 2020. Registration forms and information regarding the format of the tournament were attached to that mail and can also be found at our website
The tournament will be played in categories U11, U13, U15 and U17. For the first time in the history of the U17 tournament will be part of the Badminton Europe U17 circuit. This means U17 players can earn important points towards the European U17 rankings.
The second day of the tournament will once again host our doubles tournament for players who are no longer competing in the main tournament. The event will, as per tradition, finish out with our team tournament of the 30th of December. We’re hoping to accommodate a good level of competition in all of our tournaments. Although the registration deadline has been announced to be 30.11.2020 it is important for us as organizers, especially in these difficult times, to get an image regarding the amount of participants. Therefor we would ask you to register for the tournament as early as possible. Not only does this have benefits for the organization of the tournament but it might also be of financial benefit for the players with the early bird discount (see website for details).
We are very aware that this year will be overshadowed by the corona-virus pandemic. All of us are noticing the effects this situation has on our daily lives and our ability to perform sports in an organized competitive environment. Approval for the planning of this tournament with regards to corona measures has been gained by the Dutch badminton bond and from Badminton Europe. We will be in frequent contact with these official parties to prepare the tournament following all recent corona safety, hygiene and precaution-guidelines. Special measures will be taken in each of the venues to adhere to these guidelines.
We hope to see you this year at the Carlton International Youth Tournament 2020. Included in this mail you will find the registration and information forms. For more information please refer to or mail us at We hope to see you all soon in Hoensbroek.

Best regards,

Jeroen Stalman / Franz-Jozef Breuer
Tournament Managers